When selling your Real Estate asset, you need to differentiate your property from the vast array of competing properties on the market.

Since the Online Bidding event is for a specific duration, it forces interested parties to investigate the property and make a decision now, instead of later. This separation affect, can be a big boost in the interest levels of prospective buyers for the property.

An advertising campaign will bring awareness to the bidding format and duration of the bidding online, for which prospective bidders can place their offers.

The RealVid Online Bidding software was designed for serious, professional people who are interested in selling their property, not just getting an appraisal of market conditions.

This is a fully functional showcase of the best sales tool available....

Buyers can contact local agents, search properties, and bid on auctions.  Sellers can offer their homes to be included in auctions.
Realtors can maintain agent listings, properties and manage auctions. Realtors with administrator privileges can control the look of the website.